Billy Curry


Here are Billy’s three books. Ebook versions are available below hard copies with the other two have sold out. Standby for more copies.

New book

A young man Evan awakes from a coma in a Melbourne hospital, he has no idea how he arrived there. It’s here he meets a physiotherapist Violet who helps him to get back to his life quest. 

Genre: Contemporary fiction / Drama

Available in the first half of 2019. To find out when… 

No Time for Postcards

On a night out in Europe, American backpacker, John Dixon accidentally photographs a murder and is now a hunted man. With only a photo as evidence, he must identify the villain, and get more evidence of the crime before he’s killed by the murders corrupt network.

Genre: Crime/thriller – fiction

 eBook versions:

No Time for Postcards - apple ibooks - ebook version

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Unlonely Planet book

Unlonely Planet 

A young Melbourne man changes his four-week annual leave to an around-the-world adventure. The nine-month expedition goes from travelling crowded Indian trains to staying on royal prince’s super yacht on the Med. He narrowly escapes the Mob in Italy and gets stabbed with a pizza cutter wielded by a Brazilian prostitute in Rio. The journey is filled with many mishaps, adventures, tragedies, romances and fun-filled episodes. 

Genre: Travel narrative / non-fiction.

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